I love stories.

As a child, I would go to the public library and scour the shelves for the thickest fantasy or sci-fi tome I could find, bring it home, and devour it. Stories captured my heart and my imagination.

I was also a lover of music - I started piano lessons as a toddler, sang in every choir and played in every band that I could. I’d go see the Toronto Symphony Orchestra and revel in the glorious music that they made.

As an adult, little has changed. All that I do can be traced back to these two loves:

  • I work in audio production - good audio is imperative to a good story, and closely related to music. I work at Studio 18, an audio postproduction facility in Etobicoke, where I edit and mix primarily TV shows.

  • I perform music - most often with my a cappella group, Countermeasure, though occasionally on piano for weddings and other events.

  • I write music - always inspired by a particular story, whether on screen, in my life, or in someone else’s. Sometimes I do it for work, sometimes for Countermeasure, sometimes just for myself.

  • I take pictures - archiving a story as it unfolds.

  • I write - one of the purest forms of storytelling there is.

This website encompasses all of these things, and you can click through to see examples of each. I hope you enjoy my story.

Banner photo by Scott Murdoch of Five by Five Photography