I Don’t Know, 2019
Voice and ukulele

The Longest Night, 2015
Voice and piano

Subtlety, 2014
Piano solo
Adapted from commission Subtlety is Not Your Specialty

Subtlety Is Not Your Specialty, 2014
Piano, flute, cello, clarinet
Written for the production of Circle Jerk by Soup Can Theatre, in which four lines of dialogue were used to inspire four plays and four pieces of music; my line being the title of the piece.

Cineplex holiday commercial, 2013
Orchestra, created within Pro Tools
Played in Cineplex theatres before previews throughout the 2013 holiday season. (Photo above)

Night, 2013
Voice and piano
This version remixed by Electric Blue

Dancing, 2012
Voice and piano

This New Snow, 2011
A cappella voices
Recipient of Honourary Mention in the 2011 Amadeus Seasonal Song-Writing Competition
Text by Hayley Preziosi

The Hourglass, 2010
A cappella voices

Sweet Flowerets of the Martyr Band, 2009
A cappella voices
Written for the 2009 Amadeus Seasonal Song-Writing Competition
Text by Aurelius C. Prudentius, trans. Henry W. Baker

A Short Love Story, 2009
Piano solo
Written originally as a soundtrack for an educational project, inspired by  Carlos Lascano's A Short Love Story in Stop Motion (photo above)

There Will Come Soft Rains, 2007
Voice and piano
Text by Sara Teasdale

Ozymandias, 2007
A cappella voices
Text by Percy Bysshe Shelley