Your Turn to Roll

I was considering how to build upon the success of my Formula 1 video, and coincidentally, Countermeasure was looking for a fun new project, and that happy confluence is how this next video was born. To get in on the excitement of their ground-breaking Kickstarter, we decided to do a cover of Critical Role’s theme song, Your Turn to Roll.

The project was Elana’s brainchild, and she recruited me to do the arrangement. I threw it together and we recorded and released it within two weeks, and got a great amount of traction and recognition from within the community. Very exciting!



Formula 1 Excitement

Recently I wrote an arrangement of Brian Tyler’s Formula 1 Theme for piano. It’s a great piece - very dramatic, always gets my blood pumping at the beginning of a race! I recorded a video of myself playing it and put it up on Youtube last weekend, in honour of the season-opening Australian Grand Prix this weekend.

Well, thanks to a little help from Reddit, the official Formula social media team noticed it and ended up posting it on their Youtube, Twitter and Facebook accounts. Cue my phone blowing up with notifications from excited fans from around the world! It’s been an exciting couple of days watching the video gain traction, with hundreds of thousands of views between all three sites.

I also gained a few hundred new subscribers on Youtube so I guess I’ll have to think carefully about what my next upload will be!

Here’s the video. Enjoy!