New Music Imminent

I've lately been inspired to record more of my music. I have some songs that I have low-quality recordings of on Youtube which I'd like to improve upon, and I have some newer ones that I haven't gotten around to posting ANY version of yet.

I spent my day recording takes for Subtlety, the piano solo that's adapted from my chamber music piece Subtlety is Not Your Specialty, written for Soup Can Theatre's production of Circle Jerk, in fall 2014.

I also spent some time mathing out tempo maps for Dancing, the first pop song I ever wrote, and The Longest Night, my most recent song which has a bit of musical theatre feel. Due to limited recording facilities at home I'll have to wait until I get to work to make more progress on them (and on editing Subtlety) but hopefully I'll be able to post all three of them in the next few weeks. :)

This website has been good for my productivity!