I had an idea last year as I was riding to work more often than not. I ride along the waterfront and I'm always astounded by how different the lake is, every single day. It's always beautiful but depending on the sun, clouds, time of day, wind, wildlife, etc. it always presents a new picture.

Once I started riding this year, I decided to stop every day and take a picture of the lake as it was on that particular day, and tag it on Instagram as #TodaysLake. It seems that Instagram doesn't have a way of searching instances of a hashtag by a specific person, so I may think about porting them to another platform so they're more easily searchable, but you can browse through my Instagram account (which is largely #TodaysLake photos, lately) here.

Here are a couple of my favourites so far:

April 13

May 2

Hope you enjoy!