South Pacific

After a busy summer I'm finally getting back to some creative projects. I've been doing some arranging (for my friend Laura's Youtube channel, Stories 2 Songs), as well as undertaking some significant self-improvement efforts, like voice lessons and dance lessons. Why all these lessons, you ask? Well:

I was cast in a musical!

I'll be in the ensemble for Etobicoke Musical Productions' South Pacific, the Rodgers and Hammerstein classic. I've never been in a musical before so I'm very excited. I'm also finding it a great opportunity to better myself - I sing a lot and I've danced in the past but musical theatre is a different style than I'm used to for both, so I'm taking the chance to brush up on my skills.

The musical is playing at Meadowvale Theatre in Mississauga at the end of October. If you're interested, tickets can be purchased here!

Onwards and upwards!