Open for Business

As of this week, I’m embarking on the journey of freelancing! It’s exciting to have the possibility of working on any kind of project. Currently the plan is to juggle a combination of contract audio work - editing, engineering, mixing, etc. - with freelance music gigs - arranging, composing, scoring, notation, etc. I’ve already made some contacts for the first and I’ve landed my first job for the second, so I’m hoping I can get up and running quickly.

To be honest, I’m not entirely sure what my ideal balance would be, so at this moment I will be taking anything that comes my way and applying to anything that looks intriguing to see what piques my interest the most.

I’m surprised I’m not more apprehensive about diving into the freelance world but mostly I’m just excited. It feels good that I’ve developed the skills and network of contacts that being able to do this is a feasible option, and I’m planning to take full advantage of that to build the most fulfilling career for myself as possible!

So if you or anyone you know need any of the above services or anything even remotely related - hit me up!