Open for Business

As of this week, I’m embarking on the journey of freelancing! It’s exciting to have the possibility of working on any kind of project. Currently the plan is to juggle a combination of contract audio work - editing, engineering, mixing, etc. - with freelance music gigs - arranging, composing, scoring, notation, etc. I’ve already made some contacts for the first and I’ve landed my first job for the second, so I’m hoping I can get up and running quickly.

To be honest, I’m not entirely sure what my ideal balance would be, so at this moment I will be taking anything that comes my way and applying to anything that looks intriguing to see what piques my interest the most.

I’m surprised I’m not more apprehensive about diving into the freelance world but mostly I’m just excited. It feels good that I’ve developed the skills and network of contacts that being able to do this is a feasible option, and I’m planning to take full advantage of that to build the most fulfilling career for myself as possible!

So if you or anyone you know need any of the above services or anything even remotely related - hit me up!


The Funny Thing About Post Sound

The Amazing Race Canada aired tonight. As there often is for a big show, there was a little do put on by production company so that all the people who worked on it could get together and watch the premiere airing live on TV. 

For many at the production company, it's a wrap party, of sorts. Video editors and writers are all finished their jobs. For the team that was there for the shooting in May, it's more of a fun throwback, a payoff for a job well done in the past.

For me and the post-production audio team, we're just getting started. 

The Amazing Race Canada has an extremely accelerated schedule. On most shows, we sign off on a mix weeks, even months before it airs. But due to the time-sensitivity and confidentiality of Race, we finalize mixes only a week before air, sometimes less. So for us it's more of a "celebrate the beginning of a busy summer" kind of party.

The other funny thing, though, is that we've SEEN the final cut. Most of the people at that party have not. The location crew especially won't know the overall picture; they'll only know the one team they followed around for that particular leg of the race.

That means that I get to chuckle quietly to myself as everyone else roars with laughter at the quip of a person that they know well but I am just getting to know.

It's an interesting feeling. :)

Projects on the go

Haven't posted in awhile - I've been incredibly busy with numerous different projects!

The main reason for being busy is that we're in the midst of  The Amazing Race Canada at work! The schedule sets a frantic pace but it's a very rewarding show to work on. It's fun to see the public response it gets when each episodes airs. That goes until mid-September, so it's going to be a busy summer!

I've had a few other projects on the go, as well. This past Saturday, I did a photoshoot with Scott Murdoch of Five by Five Photography, which means I'll have some new modelling photos to share sometime in the near future! I also recently finished a new arrangement for Countermeasure of Hawksley Workman's We Will Still Need a Song, which we'll be performing at the wedding of one of the group members next weekend. I've also been working on my solo singing and guitar playing for a few other little side things, as well! Whew.

Countermeasure has a new video out and I also managed to find a recording of an older composition of mine, so I'll be posting a bit more material in the next few days. Eventually I'd like to start writing posts in more of a blogging style rather than just updates on projects, too. But in the meantime, have a couple of photos that I've taken recently that I like!